Senior Pet Wellness

Mendon Animal Clinic recommends bringing aging your elderly pet in for examinations and blood tests twice a year to give them the best chance at living the most extended, healthiest, and most comfortable lives possible. By doing so, we will better monitor your pet’s aging process and identify any developing diseases bringing aging before they become serious issues.

One of the most crucial components of a senior exam is the blood test. These blood tests, also known as “senior panels,” check the red and white blood cell counts and the thyroid, liver, pancreas, and kidney functions. To ensure the heart is a standard size and that there are no masses in the lungs, your veterinarian might advise getting a chest x-ray.

The health and comfort of our pets are constantly in danger from periodontal disease, which is especially difficult for older animals. For this reason, a dental examination is always included in any senior pet screening.

Lastly, inform your vet of any behavioral changes in your pet. Once a dog or cat reaches the senior stage, it’s critical to watch for symptoms of cognitive dysfunction, such as losing the ability to housebreak, getting lost, or aimlessly wandering.

Veterinary Services

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