Pet Microchipping

Even if your pet spends its entire life indoors, Mendon Animal Clinic urges you to think about microchipping them because even indoor pets have the potential to run away and get lost. Microchips are a permanent form of identification for pets, unlike collars and tags, which can come off. Additionally, since microchips are rated for 25 years, your pet won’t ever need to have them removed or recharged during that time.

Pet microchipping is a quick, somewhat painless, and very inexpensive procedure. Once implanted, all authorities need to do to find your information is scan the chip. But remember that a microchip is only helpful if your contact details have been updated.

The microchipping of pets, according to Mendon Animal Clinic, is the safest and most efficient technique of pet recovery now available, helping to reconnect more than 15,000 lost pets with their owners each month. Request an appointment online or give us a call at 508-478-7387 to have your pet “chipped.”

Veterinary Services

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